Janod (Kaloo) - Hand Grip Ball - Cat

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Designed and produced in collaboration with occupational therapists, this puzzle ball is ideal for developing baby’s fine motor skills. The soft, cuddly, fabric ball has been specially designed to suit little hands, and it’s individual petal-shaped panels make it easy to grab hold of. It will immediately improve baby’s basic motor skills, and as baby gets older, the ball will help them gradually to develop fine motor skills, too. Tugging at the cat will make the ball vibrate, giving baby a new sensory experience.

The ball is washable which allows you to take it everywhere and keep it clean for baby.

Key features:

- Develops basic and grasping skills

- Variety of textures helps to develop baby’s sense of touch

- Contrasting colours and patterns help baby to spot contrast.

- Ribbons mean the ball can be hung up anywhere

- Washable

Hint: Use the vibration to help baby discover new sensations and spark their curiosity. The ball is 12,5 cm high.

Made in China

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