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We're a small family-owned business and we work hard to offer great service in a 'no-pressure" sales environment. We want a customer for life not just a transaction. Please let us know what you think about our service and products. If you are not happy about something please reach out to us via EMAIL first, so we can help.

Thank you for your time! We know you have many choices when shopping, so we are thankful you choose us.

Below are a few of our customer reviews, you can read more on any of the above links.

  • "I just wanted to tell you that I more than enjoyed your staff. I have had 3 phone conversations and now an in store visit and every time, your staff has gone above and beyond to help me and make me feel comfortable in my decisions. I was just telling my grandmother yesterday how much of a difference it makes when people have such quality customer service and I’ve received nothing but that from your store. Thanks for everything. And I will be back"  Kristina
  • "Incredible, personal service and fast shipping. Great follow-up and very responsive to email. Don't be concerned about whether this company can handle an online order - these folks are very on top of their business. Highly recommended!"  Daniel
  • "I just had the BEST interaction with Posh Baby! Was buying a Christmas gift for my pregnant SIL who is registered on Amazon....but I *REALLY* didn’t want to give Amazon any more of my money and have been really trying to only shop small, Black owned and local this holiday. After a few minutes of Googling, I found Posh Baby and was so excited to see they had one of the Babybjorn items from the registry....only they didn’t have the color she wanted on the site. Shoot! Not to be deterred, I noticed the “chat” function on their site and sent off a quick message to see if they had or could order the chosen color. I sent the message at 9:45pm at night and fully expecting a response sometime tomorrow morning. When I tell you I heard back within SECONDS!!! I had the best exchange with them and they had the order form sent off to me within minutes, which was super quick and easy to fill out. The entire interaction was the absolute pinnacle of customer service and I can now go to bed happy knowing that I’ve checked another item off the list. Huge thanks to Posh Baby - HIGHLY RECOMMEND"  Kristin
  • "I love this place. They have really amazing stuff that is so beautiful and unique. I love to go here for bits and pieces to spruce up my babies wardrobe. They are also so helpful with baby gear- you can try things on and give you good advice- very knowledgeable about their inventory as opposed to some other places I've been. Please shop local and keep them in business! They have great sale clothes!!!"  Christine
  • "I heard from my daughter last night that one of your employees had already dropped off the car seat we purchased from you today. What grand service. My daughter is so happy to be able to support a business in Portland, as am I. Again, thank you"  Pam
  • "We just now "outgrew" Posh baby, purchasing our last booster seat there for our youngest child. I have appreciated them for the past 8 years helping me discover the most practical and adorable clothing, toys, accessories and car seats for baby. We were so happy they had in stock the Euro brands of car seats and boosters and their expertise has been so appreciated. I will continue to support this lovely business for baby shower gifts and gifts for friends children. Best safe car seat and booster selection locally. Lovely staff. Ultra easy to find gifts for babies and children. 5 star definitely"  Erin
  • "From the minute I got pregnant (the first time) I knew this was going to require some GEAR!  I committed early on to SHOP LOCAL as much as possible. Posh Baby has it all, for all stages of baby to toddler. I bought all my big things there - stroller, car seats, boosters, crib and glider chair as well as eating and drinking accessories- you know what? It felt GOOD to give my money to a small business! Everyone there has been great to work with, they remember me when I visit. Now I'm pregnant with my 2nd and i kept everything, which is really validating my investment in the quality items I purchased from Posh!"  Samantha
  • "Posh baby carries most of my favorite brands.
    They have a great selection of high end baby items like cribs, strollers, car seats, rocking chairs, toys, books, blankets, bottles, dishes, and fantastic clothing and accessories.
    I love that Posh Baby carries many organic cotton brands. My little ones have sensitive skin, and soft breathable cotton clothing makes a big difference. We have come to love some brands that we've only found here like Loved Baby Organic Cotton, and Paige Lauren. They also have a good selection of Tea Collection, a great deal more than Nordstrom carries.
    The staff is super friendly, and knowledgable. The store is adorable, with an impressive selection of baby goods. Walk in and be ready to spend some serious $$$$"  Lauren
  • "I have had such wonderful experiences shopping here! I purchased a stroller in Nov. 2019 and before deciding to buy it, we were able to take the floor model outside for a spin, and were even able to try folding it up and putting it in our trunk, to make sure it'd fit. They even had these weighted sacks to put in the stroller, to stimulate baby weight while pushing it around. Super helpful! We tested it out several months before deciding to buy it, and we felt zero pressure from the staff the day we tested it. We appreciated that so much, and it led us to ultimately buy it there, and we've been so happy to continue to support them since!
    Our recent car seat purchase was phenomenal. I bought convertible car seats online for our twins, to pick up in store. I made an appointment to have them installed (included in the purchase) and it was so smooth. I told her where I wanted the seats installed, and when she was almost done with the second one, I panicked, because I realized the second seat location wasn't going to work for us. She was so kind and patient with me, and talked me through my concerns. Once we figured out that it needed to move one seat over, she happily switched it for me, and even said if I decided later that I wanted them rearranged and wanted her help, I could just come back and she'd do it for me.
    You won't regret buying from Posh Baby!
    The Covid safety at the store was great too."  Allison
  • "It’s been amazing to have Posh Baby here in Portland! As I am about to be experiencing motherhood for the first time, I went there with a lot of questions... and got many great answers - LOVED working w/ Lacy - I learned about baby’s needs at different developmental stages, how to address safety concerns and insight on product comparisons. It was great to be able to be hands on and product test, especially with the strollers & car seats. I felt even more relieved, as a new mama, with they offered to put my stroller together and install my car seat along with a safety lesson! It’s the local business service like this that makes me want to share my 5 star experience with others. I can tell they really care that we feel prepared and confident as parents of our new baby girl. Thanks ladies!"  Kelsey
  • Okay, I just have to say from the bottom of my heart that I am SO happy that I ordered from your company (on a whim, too! You happened to pop up on a Google search and I was just hoping it was a legitimate company!) The heartfelt automated message after my order was amazing enough, but the fact that you put even more effort in to show your gratitude to your customers is astounding and above and beyond. This brought a smile to my face! I was having a bit of buyers guilt for spending $1,000, but your kindness and thoughtfulness makes me so glad that I did - I now feel that it was worth it to support a business owner such as yourself. I've never experienced this level of kindness from a small business. Thank you again, and I just want to encourage you to keep it up and you will never have an unsatisfied customer! I will return in the future for any more baby needs.