ComoTomo - Silicone Bottles - 5oz (2 Pack) - Green

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Feeding your baby should be a cozy bonding experience for you both, so a soft, warm baby bottle is ideal. Como Tomo silicone baby bottles have a soft and squeezable feel that mimics a real breast, which is comforting for babies and makes the transition easy if you're switching between the breast and the bottle.

The Como Tomo bottle's design and materials are perfect for feeding: the wide nipple base presses against the baby's face as she drinks, which mimics what happens during breastfeeding and provides a sealed latch that prevents air from being swallowed. You can gently squeeze the Como Tomo silicone bottle to mimic letdown, which can recapture the baby's interest if she's dozing off during feeding. And two vents siphon out air to keep her from swallowing it, preventing gas and colic.

The medical-grade silicone used in Como Tomo bottles is totally safe, with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates, and its heat-resistant and sturdy. And its really easy to clean, too: because the mouth of the baby bottle is wide and the material is completely flexible, you can just squish the bottom upwards to scrub it with a regular dish sponge. No bottle brushes are necessary and no bottles made with BPA-free plastics can compete.

*5oz Bottles come with the Slow Flow Nipples (0-3months) and the 8oz Bottles come with the Medium Flow Nipples (3-6months). Faster flows are available separately.




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