The Butterfly Swaddle - Sage Green

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Category: 2-in-1 Swaddles
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The Butterfly Swaddle™ stands out as a luxuriously soft, premium swaddle system, featuring a versatile sleep sack and a fully detachable swaddle wrap. This swaddle is designed to ease your baby’s transition from the womb, providing the snug, comforting embrace of full swaddling. As your child grows and their needs evolve, The Butterfly Swaddle adapts, offering a tailored swaddling experience. A distinctive feature of this system is the patented "Butterfly Wings" design, which helps mitigate the startle reflex and minimizes spontaneous awakenings. Additionally, the swaddle incorporates silent Velcro closures that adjust quietly and securely, ensuring adjustments can be made without disturbing your baby’s peaceful slumber. With The Butterfly Swaddle, your baby is enveloped in a secure, tranquil environment, promoting a calm, sound, and restful sleep.

Care Instructions : To care for your swaddle, simply turn inside out and machine wash cold on a gentle washing cycle. Tumble dry on low or line dry. We recommend for the best care, to wash alone or with other clothing that is similar fabric type.

Materials: 70% Bamboo Rayon; 30% Organic Cotton; No Filling.

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