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Why you'll love the bbhugme® Nursing Pillow?

  • Tie-Around Design: Ensures the pillow stays in place at the height you need for ideal positioning, promoting better latching.
  • Adjustable Firmness: Adjust the firmness of the pillow to fit you and your baby allowing for soft or firm support and comfort while feeding.
  • Multi-Feeding Positions: Can be used in a variety of different nursing positions, such as cradle-hold, laid-back nursing, side-lying, as well as bottle feeding. 
  • Global Award-Winning: The bbhugme has been named one of the Best Nursing Pillows and won multiple awards, making it a top choice for new moms around the world.
  • Developed by Healthcare Professionals: For extra peace of mind, bbhugme was developed by female healthcare professionals together with real moms for ultimate effectiveness and safety.

User Instructions

  • The bbhugme Nursing Pillow includes: an inner pillow made from microbeads that hug your body, a super-soft outer cover, and two “Pebbles” to secure the cover and adjust the pillow's firmness
  • When assembling the pillow, pull the cover over the inner pillow and secure with a Pebble at each end
  • To adjust the pillow’s size and firmness, slide the Pebbles in or out
  • The tie-around design allows you to secure the pillow at the level of the breast to ensure a comfortable latch for mom and relaxed feeding for baby
  • The extra-long ties make the pillow suitable for all body sizes
  • Offers support and comfort in a variety of different nursing positions, such as cradle position, laid-back nursing, or side-lying 
  • Reduces strain on your arms, neck, and shoulders while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

Size & Dimensions

  • Length 28 in (72 cm) x Height 6.5 in (17 cm)
  • Weight: The inner pillow is 1.3 lbs (0.6 kilos)
  • The assembled Nursing Pillow including Cover and Pebbles is 1.7 lbs (0.8 kilos)
  • Carton dimension: 15.5 x 29.5 x 15.5 cm

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