So Excited About This Surprise From Clek

So Excited About This Surprise From Clek

So Excited About This Surprise From Clek

Hello, Liingo: Meet North America’s First Baseless Infant Car Seat From Clek

Ships In June - Message Us To Pre-Order - Free Shipping + Tax Free

We’ve spent the past 10+ years creating car seats that offer best-in-class safety, from birth to booster. Along the way, we’ve had the chance to connect with families around the world, to better understand how they get from point a to point b. While designing Liing, our award-winning infant car seat, one emerging trend caught our interest: the growing group of families reducing their reliance on cars – or going carless entirely.

Our curiosity was piqued: we wanted to better understand what was driving their efforts to make the #carless life happen. We discovered motivations every bit as diverse as the families we met.

For some, it was about reducing monthly expenses to make maternity leave manageable. Others were striving to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by living more lightly. Some simply enjoyed the flexible, convenient options available in cities around the world – like ridesharing, transit or walking to avoid traffic altogether. Yet, despite their differences, we found one key similarity: their mobility needs weren’t being met by existing infant seats.

Up until now, infant car seats have been sold with the base included – a convenience feature for families with cars.  However, they’re not convenient for carless families. Their weight makes them impractical and inconvenient to carry around, and they typically aren’t used when traveling. They add significantly to the purchase price of the safety system as a whole. They also use more raw materials, which means plenty of waste for families who don’t use them.

The opportunity for innovation was there, so we did what we’ve always done: rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Now, we’re proud to introduce you to the latest addition to our family.

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