Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer - Ecofriendly

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Specially designed for Warmies Reusable Cloth Wipes. The Wipes Warmers enhanced 3-part heating unit provides better warming and the unique Ever-Fresh System keeps wipes moist and fresh. Four (4) Warmies included. Additional Warmies sold separately.

The Patented Ever-Fresh System helps keep your wipes the freshest they can be to soothe your Babys delicate skin.

This Patented System works 3 ways:

  1. Moisture Retention:
    • The Ever-Fresh pillow keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process.
    • Micropores in the pillow trap and release water as needed to maintain wipes moisture content.
  2. Non-Browning
    • Keeping wipes moist prevents most discoloration caused when wipes are warmed.
    • Discoloration also occurs when aloe, lotions and other additives typically found in baby wipes are warmed over time.
    • The Ever-Fresh pillow effectively insulates your wipes from the warming surface, preventing browning.
  3. Anti-Microbial
    • Both the Ultimate Wipes Warmers tub and the Ever-Fresh pillow are treated with an EPA approved additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew.