NoseFrida - The Snot Sucker that Actually Works!

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Anyone with children knows how frustrating it can be when your baby has a cold and cannot clear mucus from his or her nose. Until now, the most common strategy was to stick the tapered end of a large rubber bulb inside your child's nose and attempt to use the rapid suction effect of the bulb to remove the mucus. This treatment has two major downsides. It is usually so uncomfortable that it drives your baby into hysterics and worse, it really doesn't work very well. That's why we are so excited to discover Nose frida. Nosefrida is a doctor recommended baby nasal aspirator that removes mucus from your child's nose. Invented in Sweden by Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, the suction comes from the caregiver's mouth (with a completely hygienic filter) so you have complete control over the process. Although it looks a little funny, it really works! You control the amount of suction and it is never painful or uncomfortable for your child. Nosefrida is effective and hygienic and has been clinically tested. It is safe to use and causes no injury to you or your child. Say goodbye to your baby's stuffy, clogged and runny nose!

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