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Finally, the Adjustable Wooden High Chair That is Affordable!

Wooden High Chair from Keekaroo grows with your child! From 6 months up to adult! If your toddler can comfortably sit upright and balance him or herself, expect them to be ready for a Height Right Wooden High Chair.

And as they grow, the Height Right Wood High Chair grows with them. Completely adjustable to each childs needs, the wooden highchair adjusts in height and depth of the seat and footplate. This allows every child the perfect seating position.


  • Feeding Tray Kit: Keekaroo's Optional Adjustable Wooden Tray makes feeding and activities with Toddlers funcitonal and fashionable at the same time!Wooden Tray can be used when chair is away from a table surface to offer additional trunk support while seated. Includes built in lip around the edge to keep items from falling off. Wooden Tray adjusts in depth and height. Plastic Mechanism is used for Tray Acceptance. Tray Dimensions: 8" Deep x 19" Wide. Wooden Tray made of Hardwood. To Clean: Wipe with warm water
  • Infant Insert:With the addition of the NEW! Infant Inserts, smaller children just learning to sit up on their own can safely enjoy the comforts of the Height Right Wooden High Chair. The insert is made to support small children by having a pommel in between the legs to keep them from scooting out. Plus using the 3 point safety belt included with the Height Right Chair keeps your children secure. It also has higher sides to prevent the child from leaning to one side. Helping keep your child safe and secure during mealtime is what Keekaroo can do for you!
  • Plastic Tray Cover: Now cleaning the tray is easy. Place it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. And keep the wooden tray looking brand new. BPA Free
  • Toddler Comfort Cushion Set($83.95): Available in 5 colors, the Comfort Cushions add a new dimension to the Height Right Chair. Comfort Cushions are made from a soft-to-the-touch material that is squeezable soft. When a child sits on these cushions, they can settle in to the cushion and find the perfectly comfortable spot just for them. Make dinner time family time with the comfort of Keekaroo!