I'm a Big Sister

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Morrow could have published one book called "I'm a Big Sibling," but what a good thing they didn't! In an age of "gender neutrality," it's refreshing to find the child's identity so clearly spelled out. Actually, the texts of the two books ["I'm a Big Sister" and "I'm a Big Brother"] are identical, except for the words sister and brother, but those words mean so much to young children in defining their identities after a baby joins the family. Each simple, first-person text tells what babies like, why they cry, what they're too little to do yet, which the big brother or sister can do now--and how much parents love their older children. On the last page of each book, Cole offers sound, cogent advice to parents on guiding and reassuring children with a new baby in the family. Fresh and clear, the line-and-watercolor illustrations glow with playfulness and warmth, celebrating family life from a young child's point of view.

  • For Ages 2 and Up