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Oobr is Clek's full back booster seat that provides superior protection for your child without sacrificing comfort, convenience or style. Engineered and made just like the vehicle seats in your car, Oobr is sized for your child and available in a variety of colors and tokidoki patterns.

Safety That is Simply Elemental
  • Elemental Safety System: Comprised of five structural safety elements, the Elemental Safety System systematically secures and protects your child.
  • Belt Guides: Improves belt positioning on your child's hips and shoulders (shown in red).
  • Energy-Absorbing Foam Layer: Absorbs energy in a side impact collision resulting in less force transferred directly to your child.
  • Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Connects to the magnesium frame using steel rods to reduce twisting movements and improve head protection in a collision.
  • Magnesium Back Frame: Better contains the torso during a side impact collision and protects against vehicle intrusion.
  • Rigid LATCH System: Locks the booster seat into place using your vehicle's LATCH anchorage system to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision.
  • Oobr Safety Highlights:
    • Raises your child 4 in./10 cm. to improve in-vehicle shoulder belt fit
    • Better positions the seat belt on the child's hips to improve safety
    • Locks into place to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision
    • Confirms that latches are locked with an audible click
    • Provides a secure connection even when booster seat is not occupied
    • Meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
    • Rated a Best-Bet in 2009 and 2010 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Ahh!Feels So GoodCreature Comforts and Modern Mobility Made Easier
  • Adjustable Headrest: Adjustable headrest for custom fit as your child grows and padded side bolsters allow for comfortable naps
  • Reclining Seat Back: Helps keep your child safe and comfortable when falling asleep in the car Slide the seat forward using the Rigid LATCH system and the free-pivoting seat back provides up to 12 degrees of recline for sleeping comfort (recline mode is NOT available if using the seat unlatched).
  • Soft-touch Armrests: Soft-touch armrests for added comfort
  • Engineered for Comfort: Engineered construction provides an additional layer of comfort
  • Fast & Easy Install: Over 80% of child seats in North America are not used properly. Hands down the easiest installation in its class, Oobr's Rigid-LATCH system makes proper installation effortless
  • Drink-thingy: Detachable Drink-thingy can be placed on either side of the seat and transported straight to your dishwasher!
  • Grows with Your Child: Oobr adapts to your growing child with its removable back feature converting it to a backless booster. Ta-Dah!
  • GREENGUARD Select Certified: Crypton Super Fabrics are GREENGUARD Select Certified and provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria. Not included with drift. Learn more about the GREENGARD certification here.
  • Fullback Mode:
    • Height of the Rear of the Seat: 4.5 in.
    • Height of the Front of the Seat: 5 in.
    • Height of the Armrest: 9 in.
    • Width of the Front of the Seat: 14 in.
    • Overall Width with Drink-thingy: 20 in.
    • Inner Width of the Headrest: 7.75 in.
    • Height from Seating Surface to Shoulder Belt Guide: min. 14 in. to max 21 in.
    • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Backless Mode:
    • Height of the Rear of the Seat: 4.5 in.
    • Height of the Front of the Seat: 5 in.
    • Height of the Armrest: 9 in.
    • Width of the Front of the Seat: 14 in.
    • Overall Width with Drink-thingy: 20 in.
    • Weight: 10 lbs.
Child Height, Weight and Age:
  • Fullback Mode:
    • Height: 38-57 in.(96-145 cm.)
    • Weight:33-100 lbs.(15-45 kg.)
    • Minimum Age: 4 Years & up Fullback Mode:
  • Backless Mode
    • Height: 40-57 in.(101-145 cm.)
    • Weight:40-100 lbs.(18-45 kg.)
    • Minimum Age: 4 Years & up
Yes, it is true. Clek products are recyclable 100% of every part and piece. Recycle your seat after you are finished using it or if it has been in an accident.