Ah Goo Baby - Memory Foam Changing Mat - The Ark

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The world's most comfortable, full-sized contour changing mat, made of 100% air-molded memory foam.

The Arkâ„¢ by Ah Goo Baby® is built around our luxurious, air-molded memory foam mattress that relieves pressure points to keep your baby relaxed during changings. It is made up of billions of high-density, elastic micro-cushions. When the temperature-sensitive cells come in contact with the warm areas of your baby's body, they get softer and more pliable. In cooler areas they stay firm. The cells will literally float to conform to your baby's tiny contours. The cells shift so your baby doesn't have to.

BPA-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and anti-microbial. Includes safety strap for baby and fastening straps for child-proofing. Water-resistant, machine washable cover.Easy & Quickâ„¢ velcro attachment on fastening straps.Sized 16 x 32 inch (40 x 80 cm) to fit most standard changing tables and standard-sized 3rd party changing pad covers(including Ah Goo Baby's Changing Pad Cover).

The Arkâ„¢ uses the higest quality YKK branded zippers and is BPA-free. We designed the wall straps with heavy duty velcro to provide extra security while allowing easy flexibility to remove it prior to washing without having to unscrew the straps from the wall.

Our velcro wall straps are quick, safe, and quadruple-sewn for durability, and our zippers are lab-tested to meet or exceed industry standard for torsion and torque strength.

This is our softest and most comfortable memory foam density in our line. With The Plush Pad®, it is important to recognize both comfort and portability and it was designed with both in mind. With The Arkâ„¢, as it was designed as a stationary, full-sized changing pad, we were free to focus purely on comfort - and comfortable it is! The Arkâ„¢ comes with a water resistant liner made of a material similar to a rain jacket; although water resistant, no sewn product can be waterproof, so The Arkâ„¢ will perform best when paired with a standard contour changing pad cover. It is designed at a standard size so it will fit most third party changing pad covers as well as Ah Goo Baby's Changing Pad Cover.

WARNING: Not for sleeping. Do not use until both fastening straps are secured to the changing table. Always secure safety strap to your infant prior to use. Do not leave infantunattended. Adult supervision required. Do not use near open flam or cigarettes.